IFF21 Cam's War


83 Min

From Official Competition at the Giffoni Film Festival, director Laura Muscardin takes us on perilous adventure, set in the future, in a world where wars and devastating natural disasters have destroyed all human infrastructure and plunged the world into a dark savage age. What remains of civilization is concentrated in small, closed citadels, while bands of armed outlaws roam through abandoned suburbs raiding and spreading terror. Very few dare to cross these ravaged wastelands and those who do will struggle to survive. It is in this apocalyptic world that Cam and Dede, siblings who grew up in isolation in an old mine protected by their mother, embark on a journey in search of an escape route to the sea to save themselves and find freedom. To reach the ports, they must embark on a long, extremely dangerous journey where they will face many dangers from humans and nature itself, both equally merciless.

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Fri 03 Dec