IFF21 Everything's Gonna Be Alright


101 Min

A touching personal story from director Francesco Bruni, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright follows a man forced to reevaluate his relationships in the face of illness. The life of Bruno Salvati (the outstanding Kim Rossi Stuart, The Best Years, 2020) is at a standstill. His films have never been successful and his wife Anna, from whom he recently separated, seems to have moved on. As for his children Adele and Tito, he is unable to be the present and reliable father he would like to be. One day, Bruno discovers he has Leukaemia. Finding a competent and tenacious haematologist, who guides him on an obstacle course towards recovery, the first goal is to find a compatible stem cell donor. After a few failed attempts, Bruno’s confidence is shaken, until his father brings new hope by revealing a long-held secret. Depicting illness with humour and confidence, Bruno and his family embark on an unexpected journey of rebirth, changing their relationships forever and learning that “everything’s gonna be alright”.

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Sun 05 Dec