SCA21 A Piece of My Heart


116 Min

A Swedish box office sensation, A Piece of My Heart is a playful musical comedy about 35-year-old Isabella (Malin Akerman, 27 Dresses), a driven and successful businesswoman in Stockholm’s finance world who prioritises her career over relationships. When she returns to her childhood home in a sleepy, small town to celebrate her father’s 60th birthday, she feels like a winner compared to her old classmates, being the only one who has left the small-town life behind. Isabella’s self-confidence falters when she realises that Simon (Christian Hillborg, Fleabag), her great love from her teen years, is marrying Isabella’s childhood friend Molly, and she isn’t invited to the wedding. Accustomed to always getting what she wants, and disturbed to see Simon so happy with someone else, she can't help but explore the feelings she still has for him, as a piece of Isabella’s heart will always beat for Simon... Based on the music by legendary Swedish artist Tomas Ledin (ABBA), screenwriter/stage director Edward af Sillén’s directorial feature film debut A Piece of My Heart is the perfect escape from reality.