SCA21 Beware of Children


157 Min

A smart and thought-provoking drama, Beware of Children is a fascinating exploration of guilt, grief and communication issues as it traces the dramatic aftermath of a tragic event in a middle-class suburb of Oslo. During a break at school, 13-year-old Lykke, the daughter of a prominent Labour Party politician, seriously injures her classmate Jamie, the son of a high-profile, right-wing politician. This incident is the starting point of this multi-layered and complex drama where everyone involved - teachers, students, parents - becomes engaged in judging and questioning each other about the tragedy: what happened, how could have been avoided, who is to blame? When contradicting versions of what transpired arise, Liv, the school’s principal and secret lover of Jamie's father, must find the strength to confront a community in distress and face her own highly conflicted emotions. Norwegian novelist and filmmaker Dag Johan Haugerud's Beware of Children is marked by morally complex situations and features a cast of realistic, sympathetic and multidimensional characters who make mistakes and hurt each other. As we experience how the community relates to the accident and the aftermath, the film asks us what we expect from our children in society today.

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