SCA21 Diana's Wedding


87 Min

July 29, 1981. In the majestic St Paul’s Cathedral in London, Lady Diana Spencer marries Prince Charles. That same day another celebration takes place in the canteen of a factory in a small Norwegian town. It is the newlyweds Liv (Marie Blokhus) and Terje’s (Pål Sverre Hagen, SCA19 Out Stealing Horses, Kon Tiki) wedding party. In the pram lies their new-born daughter Diana, who like her famous namesake, will face chaos in the years to come thanks to her parents. The wedding and following years are less glamorous than their royal counterparts but are indisputably much more fun. Through the eyes of Diana, we witness the rollercoaster of her parents’ marriage throughout the 1980s and 1990s. To her, they are the worst parents in the world. Yet despite constant fighting, they are still in love by the time Diana (played as an adult by Ine Wilmann, SCA19 Sonja- The White Swan) is preparing for her own marriage 30 years later. Driven by Bruce Springsteen’s rock ‘n roll and the ubiquitous disco of the era, director Charlotte Blom’s delightful second feature Diana’s Wedding is a spirited portrait of a dysfunctional family with its turbulent ups and downs, tears and laughter.

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Sun 05 Dec