SCA21 The Last Fishing Trip


90 Min

A breakout box office hit in Icelandic cinemas, The Last Fishing Trip follows six friends (featuring The County’s Þorsteinn Bachmann) on their annual four-day fishing trip. Happy to leave their worries at home, their spirits are high, but the fact that a whole crate of wine bottles gets smashed as they arrive at their weekend cottage is a bad omen for the stay. The fishing-for-salmon trip is really only a pretext to get away from their wives and to drink and eat in excess. But over the weekend, everything goes terribly wrong. The authority of their leader comes under question, and the filet mignon turns out to be horsemeat... In a country where attitudes towards nudity are very relaxed, the men think nothing of stripping down to their birthday suit for an icy dip, but that is not the only thing laid bare as jealousies between the friends and where they have ended up in life come to the fore. Unable to escape themselves, what was supposed to be a cosy fishing trip, quickly goes downhill. Directing duo Örn Marino Arnarson and Thorkell S. Hardarson put a The Hangover meets Sideways spin to this light-hearted comedy that pokes fun at men’s weekend-away rituals.

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Fri 03 Dec