SCA21 Tove


100 Min

A beguiling biopic, Tove depicts a formative decade in the life of Finnish visual artist and author Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomins. In 1945 Helsinki, the end of the war brings a new sense of artistic and social freedom for painter Tove Jansson (excellently played by theatre actor Alma Pöysti). Modern art, dizzying parties and dramatic love affairs with both the left-wing politician Atos (Shanti Roney) and the theater director Vivica (Krista Kosonen): her unconventional life puts her at odds with her sculptor father’s (Robert Enckell) strict ideals. As she struggles with her personal life, her creative endeavours take her in an unexpected direction. While focusing her artistic dreams on her painting, the work that started as a side project, the melancholic, haunting tales she told scared children in bomb shelters, rapidly takes on a life of its own. The exploits of the Moomins, infused with inspiration from her own life, bring Tove financial freedom and international fame. Director Zaida Bergroth (Maria's Paradise) creates a striking portrait of a powerhouse talent capturing the creative energy of an iconic talent and her turbulent search for identity, desire and freedom.

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