SPA22 Language Lessons


91 Min

Directed by Natalie Morales (Parks and Recreation) and written in collaboration with her co-star Mark Duplass (The Morning Show, Safety Not Guaranteed), this charming and award-winning comedy follows a Spanish teacher and her student whose online connection takes on far more importance than either could have anticipated. For his 45th birthday, wealthy Californian Adam (Duplass) receives a surprise gift from his choreographer partner: 100 weekly Spanish lessons with Cariño (Morales), a vivacious expat who teaches virtually from her home in Costa Rica. Adam is unconvinced at first; a self-described “creature-of-habit”, he’s unsure where or how this new element will fit into his carefully-structured routine. But after unexpected events turn his life upside down, Cariño becomes a lifeline he didn’t know he needed, and a complicated emotional bond develops. Upending classic meet-cute tropes, this clever and unassuming film effortlessly shifts between comedy and pathos, echoing the ups and downs of life. Bittersweet, honest and fresh, Language Lessons is a disarmingly moving exploration of friendship and connection.

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