RCYCL & Reward this June

RCYCL and Reward

Tuesday 4th June - Thursday 27th June


We love fashion! We love to buy new things and feel amazing in what we wear but we often don’t know what to do when we clean out our wardrobes…

This winter, we’ve partnered with RCYCL to provide you with an easy way to recycle your worn-out clothing that can’t be donated to charity.

Drop off 3 or more items of your worn-out clothing to our RCYCL hub on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 10am-2pm to receive either a FREE coffee card, a $10 lunch voucher or go into the Second Chance draw where you could be the WINNER of a $400 Kenzan voucher.




RCYCL is dedicated to revolutionising the fashion industry through its clothing recycling program. By prioritising the end game for our garments, they are actively working towards creating an immediate impact on the environment.


How does it work? 
1. Drop off your worn-out clothing into the RCYCL hub in the centre. The RCYCL Hub is located next to LUXX Jewellery on the Ground Floor.
2. All clothing will be sent to RCYCL’s recycling partners to be processed into new yarn or carpet underlay.

3. Scan our QR Code at the deposit box and you will automatically WIN either a FREE Coffee, a $10 lunch voucher or go into the Second Chance Draw a $400 Kenzan voucher.


What is considered unwearable clothing?
Think about your wardrobe clean out. After you've set aside the items that can be passed on to be re-worn or sold, you are left with those items that simply aren’t good enough for the donation bin due to rips, stains, missing buttons or broken zips. That is now your RCYCL pile.


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